Water Meter 15mm Single Jet Screwed End Class B Nylon Body

Water Meter 15mm Single Jet Screwed End Class B Nylon Body

Domestic Water Meter, Single Jet, Magentic Drive, Class B, Screwed Ends, Nylon Body, with Connectors, Size : 15mm (1/2″)

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Single Jet Water Meter with a dry dial register operates on the Velocity Principle in which water enters the measuring chamber through Inlet and drives the inner rotor. The movement is transmitted via a gear ? train and magnetic coupling to the register which records the reading. The Single Jet Water Meter is available from 15 mm Dia to 25 mm Dia.

The Single Jet Water Meters are available with Plastic Body and Brass Body Matierial. The Plastic Body Water Meters are cost effective as well as suitable for all weather conditions. The Brass Body Water Meters are tough and reliable. Both types are very accurate and confirms to ISO 4064 Class B Standard.

Features ?

Accurate reading, Low headloss
Tamper ? Resistant Construction
The magnetic drive is uneffected by external magnetic interference
Leak Proof
Every Meter is individually tested over its flow range before despatch

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Size (mm) :


Size (inch):

1/2 Inch

Feature 1 :

Domestic Water Meter


1 Year

Conforms to :


Packing :

1 Pc / Box

Class :


Drive :


Connection :

Screwed Ends

Feature 2 :

Residential Flowmeter

Body :



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